Highlight API Config

PagefindHighlight accepts an object with any of the following options:


new PagefindHighlight({ markContext: "[data-pagefind-body]" })

The area in which to highlight text. Defaults to [data-pagefind-body] if any [data-pagefind-body] elements can be found, otherwise document.body. This can be a CSS selector string, a DOM element, an array of DOM elements, or a NodeList.


new PagefindHighlight({ highlightParam: "highlight" })

The name of the query parameter that Pagefind uses to determine which terms to highlight. This must match the Pagefind highlightParam config.


An object with the same shape as the Mark.js options object, except that the separateWordSearch option is not supported.

This option defaults to:

  className: "pagefind-highlight",
  exclude: ["[data-pagefind-ignore]", "[data-pagefind-ignore] *"],

If either className or exclude are not specified they will default to the above. To disable the default exclude behavior, pass an empty array to exclude. To not add a class to the highlight elements, pass an empty string to className.


This is a boolean that determines whether or not Pagefind will add minimal styles to the highlighted elements. If set to false, Pagefind will not add any styles to the page. This option defaults to true.