Getting metadata with the Pagefind JavaScript API

Pagefind’s JavaScript API returns the metadata of your pages automatically alongside your search result data.

#Getting metadata from a search result

const pagefind = await import("/pagefind/pagefind.js");
const search = await"static");
const oneResult = await search.results[0].data();

Here, oneResult will contain:

  /* ... other result keys ... */
  "url": "/url-of-the-page/",
  "excerpt": "A small snippet of the <mark>static</mark> content, with the search term(s) highlighted in &lt;mark&gt; elements.",
  "meta": {
    "title": "The title from the first h1 element on the page",
    "image": "/weka.png",
    "my-custom-key": "My custom metadata content",