Returning custom metadata

Pagefind supports returning custom metadata alongside search results with the data-pagefind-meta attribute.

#Automatic metadata

Pagefind will return some automatic metadata about each page:

All of these can be overridden by tagging metadata with the same keys.

#Tagging an element as metadata

<h1 data-pagefind-meta="title">Hello World</h1>

An element tagged with data-pagefind-meta will store the contents of that element and return it alongside the search results.

Each metadata key can only have one value per page.

#Tagging an attribute as metadata

If your metadata exists as an attribute, you can use the syntax key[html_attribute]

<img data-pagefind-meta="image[src]" src="/hero.png" />

You can comma separate multiple meta attributes:

<img data-pagefind-meta="image[src], image_alt[alt]" src="/hero.png" alt="Hero Alt Text" />

#Tagging metadata inline

If your metadata doesn’t already exist on the page, you can simply use the syntax key:value

<h1 data-pagefind-meta="date:2022-06-01">Hello World</h1>

#Defining multiple metadata keys on a single element

You can comma separate multiple metadata keys, with the exception of inline metadata, which may only be the last item in a list.


<a href="/" 
   data-pagefind-meta="link_text, link_title[title], other:Freeform text, captured to the end">

   Hello World

This will generate the metadata:

    "link_text": "Hello World",
    "link_title": "Homepage",
    "other": "Freeform text, captured to the end"

#Defining default metadata

All of the above tags can also be supplied as a data-pagefind-default-meta attribute. All logic is the same, except that automatic metadata and any data-pagefind-meta attributes will take priority.

For example, to fall back to a social image if no image is found on the page:

    <meta data-pagefind-default-meta="image[content]" content="/social.png" property="og:image">


The data-pagefind-meta attribute does not need to be within the <body>, or the data-pagefind-body tag. This includes automatic metadata, which will be found even if outside the data-pagefind-body tag.

The data-pagefind-meta attribute will still apply if set on or within a data-pagefind-ignore element.

image_alt will not be automatically set if you define your own image metadata key. If defining your own metadata on an img element, data-pagefind-meta="image[src], image_alt[alt]" will retrieve both values.